MONROE - SEPTEMBER 21: Pete, an orange tabby kitten, getting an examination by a veterinarian at the Pets I Love Veterinary Hospital on September 21, 2016 in Monroe, NY. (Photo by Waring Abbott/Getty Images)

How Do You Know When It’s Time To Break Up With Your Cat’s Veterinarian?

In many ways, your cat’s relationship with their veterinarian is the second most important relationship in her life — after their relationship with your good self, of course. Well, that’s also not counting your feline’s ongoing affair with the treats stash.

When things run perfectly in the cat world, this cat-vet relationship ensures that your pet stays on top of any health issues and helps them live a long and charmed life.

But what happens when something seems amiss with your cat, and your vet doesn’t seem to be making any progress in diagnosing or curing the ailment? Is it best to continue to put faith in the vet’s abilities?

Or does there come a time when you have to seriously think about ending even a long-standing relationship with your cat’s vet?

Why You Might Start Doubting Your Current Vet

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In my experience, when your cat seems healthy and happy, your relationship with your vet is a good one. But when your cat gets sick, anything but an overnight cure causes you to question whether the vet knows what they’re doing.

Side note: as some personal advice, resist the temptation to go down the wormhole of reading online reviews about vets.

Unfortunately, cats cannot speak or convey accurately what feels wrong with them, so often times it seems like there’s a degree of guesswork in diagnosing a sick cat.

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When my cat appeared to totally lose her appetite, I had two different vets at the same facility on two separate occasions give me wildly different opinions on what was going on, including one who was convinced that she was suddenly diabetic.

Long story short: She was a little congested, and an air humidifier that I’d bought for myself to battle the dry heat in the apartment cured her in about three seconds after she sniffed the mist.

Experiences like these can cause you to question whether your vet is the best person to give your cat medical care, sometimes with good reason.

Questions To Ask Yourself

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You want the best for your cat, but sometimes I think you have to go with your gut instincts when it comes to your vet situation.

Ask yourself questions like does the vet seem really invested in your cat’s welfare? Or do they appear to be going through the motions? Does the vet answer your questions — however far-fetched they may seem — or are they dismissed with curt answers?

How much money have you spent on a course of treatment, and have you been given an estimate that makes you feel like you’re being taken advantage of?

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If your answers to these questions leave you feeling unsatisfied with your cat’s current veterinary care, then it’s probably time to make a change. Your cat’s health is important, as is your comfort with their health care.

Ultimately, choosing to switch vets might seem like a drastic move. But most times, there’s a lot of value in a second opinion.

Have you ever switched veterinarians for your cat? What helped you decide to look for a new vet? Let us know in the comments below!

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