5 Tasty Herbs That Are Safe To Feed To Your Cat

Cat sniffing and munching a vase of fresh catnip

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Feeding fresh herbs to your cat can be a tricky business.

While your cat might seem like they’re fine snacking on all sorts of greenery, there’s a very long and very precise list about what plants in general cats can and cannot safely ingest.

Ahead of More Herbs, Less Salt Day on August 29th, let’s dig into the field of five cat-safe herbs that you can feed to your feline without worrying.

1. Valerian

cat sitting in garden

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You might have come across valerian at your local health food store. In either tea or supplement form, the exceptionally stinky herb is meant to help us humans relax and sleep better.

However, when it comes to finicky felines, the opposite effect is true, and valerian becomes a stimulant.

This might be a good option if your cat needs a pick-me-up.

2. Wheatgrass

cat eating wheatgrass

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You might shy away from adding wheatgrass to your smoothies or juices due to its overly-earthy taste, but cats love to chow down on fresh wheatgrass leaves.

You can buy wheatgrass plants cheaply from your local farmers market. Just leave the plant out and let your cat enjoy its digestive benefits.

3. Catnip

cat paw next to catnip plant

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The most classic cat safe herb of all is catnip. Pick up a fresh catnip plant and leave it out for your cat to snack on.

When eaten, catnip tends to act like a sedative in cats, which can be why some people say it causes cats to get high.

Alternatively, if you serve up some dried catnip, and your cat decides to sniff it, they’ll likely go into more of a fun and energetic state of mind.

4. Cat Thyme

cat in pot next to cat thyme

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Warning: Cat Thyme comes with a very distinctive smell that many humans find totally off-putting.

If you can tolerate the odor, it’s a great herb to let your cat enjoy, as it helps relax and soothe felines.

5. Dandelion

kitten playing with plant

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Dandelion greens aren’t just a classic side dish offered up at Greek restaurants; they can also make for a small salad snack for your feline.

Dandelion packs a bunch of vitamins and minerals. Just make sure not to overfeed your kitty because cats are carnivores at heart.

Are you going to let your cat give these herbs a try? Which one is your kitty’s favorite? Let us know in the comments below!