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Can Cats Eat Peaches? Are Peaches Safe For Cats?

Did you know that August is officially recognized as Peach Month in the United States? Peach Month originated with President Ronald Reagan back in 1982.

It’s not entirely known just how much of a fan of peaches Reagan was, but if you live with cats in your house, you’ll have likely noticed that when you chomp down on a peach, they’ll often saunter over and attempt to grab a piece of the fruit for themselves.

So let’s get right to the issue at hand: Is it safe for your cat to each a peach? The short answer is yes, but there are some exceptions and things you should know before you feed peaches to your kitty pal, and as always, you must check with your vet first!

When Are Peaches Safe For Cats?

Cat and peach
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When it comes to whether or not it’s safe for cats to eat peaches, it really depends on which specific part of the peach you mean.

Starting on the outside, avoid feeding your cat the skin of a peach. Why? Because pesticides might be present on it.

Next we come to the flesh, which is the safe part of a peach for a cat to eat. As usual with feeding human food to a pet, only give your cat a small piece of juicy peach flesh. Caution is the best approach, and you should double check with your veterinarian first.

Finally, there’s the peach pit. Keep this well away from your cat. Not only could the pit be a choking hazard, but it’s poisonous because it contains amygdalin, which is a cyanide compound. This is definitely not something you want to risk your feline ingesting.

How Should I Feed Peaches To My Cat?

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As mentioned above, peel and only feed your cat the flesh of the peach. Cut it up into manageable pieces, and only serve small pieces in one sitting.

Always use fresh peaches, too. Canned peaches could contain preservatives or sweeteners that could upset your feline’s stomach.

Does your cat enjoy eating peaches? Do you ever serve them to your kitty as a treat? Tell us about it in the comments section below!

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