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How To Tell If Your Cat Is Losing Their Hearing

As humans get older, we sometimes start to experience our hearing deteriorate. This can also happen with cats, especially as they clock up the years.

The cause of a cat losing their ability to hear is usually degenerative damage in their ear. You can pick up on the early signs of feline hearing loss by paying attention to certain behaviors, like your cat becoming less responsive to sounds you make, sleeping heavier than usual, or meowing louder than normal.

If you suspect your cat is losing their hearing, see your veterinarian right away. Cats can live happy, healthy lives without their hearing, so long as you’re attentive to their needs. Your vet can help with this. Deafness does not need to have a negative impact on your cat’s quality of life.

Let’s look at how you can tell if your cat is losing their hearing.

What Are The Signs A Cat Is Losing Their Hearing?

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The first thing you might notice if your cat is losing their hearing is a lack of response and reaction to everyday noises. Your cat might no longer seem scared or alerted by the sound of the doorbell ringing or a delivery truck pulling up outside.

If your favorite feline usually comes running at the sound of the treat bag being shaken, but no longer seems interested, that could also be a sign that their hearing is getting worse. Likewise, if you call out your cat’s name and they don’t react even if you’re close by, that could be a prompt to investigate further.

In some cases, a cat will start to meow louder than usual if their hearing deteriorates. This is to compensate for not being able to hear the sound of their voice as clearly and as loudly as they did before.

While your cat is lounging around and taking a nap, you might also observe them seeming to be in more of a deep sleep than before, which is another sign that their hearing could be starting to wane.

What Should You Do If You Think Your Cat Is Losing Their Hearing?

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First of all, don’t panic! Speak to your vet or look for tips in online social media support groups. Many cats start to lose their hearing and go on to live happy and fulfilled lives.

The onus is usually on the pet parent to make a few simple changes to their living environment and day-to-day routine to accommodate a kitty who cannot hear as well as they used to.

Have you ever cared for a cat who started to lose their hearing? What signs did you see, and how did you help them? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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