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Can Cats Eat Peanuts? Are Peanuts Safe For Cats?

Can cats eat peanuts? While you’ve been enjoying a packet of peanuts, you might have found yourself wondering whether it’s okay to share a few of these treats with your cat. If humans can eat peanuts, can cats safely eat them, too?

The short answer is yes, cats can safely eat peanuts. Although, there are some big exceptions, and there’s not really any nutritional reason why you should actually be feeding your cat peanuts on a regular basis.

As always, you must ask your vet before sharing human foods, including peanuts, with your feline friend. Here’s what you need to know about peanuts and cats.

How Are Peanuts Good For Cats?

First up, you’ll be reassured to know that peanuts are not a food that’s considered to be poisonous or toxic to cats.

In fact, peanuts have very high amounts of protein in them, and cats are creatures who rely on protein to form the bulk of their diet. So, venturing further along that line of thinking, can peanuts be a great new protein source for your feline?

Well, unfortunately, not on a regular basis. This is mainly because peanuts are also very high in fat. And you really want to do all you can to avoid having to deal with a case of feline obesity.

It should also be mentioned that, just like with any human food that you’re considering adding to your feline’s diet, you must always make sure to consult with your regular vet first.

How Can I Safely Give Peanuts To My Cat?

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Peanuts aren’t toxic to cats, so if you’ve decided that they might be a fun occasional treat for your kitty, and your vet gives the okay, make sure you serve them up safely.

First of all, definitely only use raw peanuts. The extra salt, oil, spices, and seasonings that might be present in a commercial packet of peanuts are not going to be safe for your kitty.

Secondly, make sure you only serve up peanuts with the shells removed to your cat. Why? Because the hard shell of a peanut could end up becoming a choking hazard or dangerous digestive irritant to your favorite feline.

Have you noticed that your cat tries to get a bite of your peanuts? Have you ever let your cat taste a couple of peanuts safely? Tell us all about it in the comments section below!

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