Woman teaching cat to high five
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5 Easy, Impressive Tricks & Commands You Can Teach Your Cat To Do [VIDEOS]

A lot of people think of dogs as the pets that are best at learning to perform tasks on que. But there are also plenty of tricks and commands that you can teach your cat — usually with the help of a bag of cat treats.

Yes, cats can learn from their humans! After all, you’re probably your cat’s favorite teacher, considering most kitties don’t go to school.

So pick up your lesson plan and get ready to teach your cat to do something amazing! Here are a few tricks that just about any cat can learn with the right motivation.

1. Sit

Teaching a dog to “sit” is a classic training exercise over in the canine universe. Naturally, with cats being a whole lot smarter and superior to dogs — in my opinion, anyway — the command “sit” is something that felines can pick up too.

The key to the practice sessions seems to be smart use of a whole lot of treats. Check out the video above for a nice guide to mastering “sit.”

2. High Five

Impress friends and family the next time you host a party or gathering by teaching your cat to high five you on command.

This paw-some trick is apparently one of the easier moves to teach a cat. So take a look a the video above and give it a try!

3. Hug

If you dream of getting closer to your kitty and really snuggling up to them, try teaching the hug.

This time, a clicker is used to help show the cat that hugging is a good thing. The move can also assist cats who don’t seem to enjoy physical contact.

Let the video above be your guide.

4. Fetch

We’re back in the dog realm with the faithful command to “fetch.”

Applied to felines, you’ll want to make use of a favorite toy, just like in the video above, to pull this one off. You’ll also need a lot of patience.

5. Ring A Bell

Finally, if you really want to impress your fellow feline fanciers, go ahead and attempt to teach your cat to ring a bell.

Although heads up: If your kitty manages to master this move, it might become highly annoying very quickly. Take a look at the video above for the details.

Do you think cats can learn tricks just as well as dogs? Have you taught your cat an impressive trick or command? Let us know all about how you did it in the comments below!

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