Everything You Need To Know About Cats And Watermelons

Hot weather and watermelons go together like cats and cardboard boxes, so it’s fitting that National Watermelon Day falls right at the peak of summer, on August 3rd. In anticipation of that wondrous holiday, let’s take a look at how the feline form and the juicy fruit are actually very closely related.

Share Your Watermelon With Your Cat

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First up, your cat can definitely eat watermelon if she so desires. As cats cannot taste the sweetness of a food, it’s the water content of watermelons that they’re attracted to. The added fiber boost is a healthy bonus, too.

Oh, and the idea of cats feasting on watermelons translates over to the big cat world too, where lions and tigers love to demolish whole watermelons.

Let Your Cat Play With A Watermelon

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Before you chop up and chow down on a watermelon, let your favorite feline try getting to grips with a watermelon play session. Yep, according to social media, some cats enjoy nothing more than to roll around on the floor using a watermelon as an oversized ball. Although it’s probably a smart idea to begin with smaller watermelons before graduating to the behemoths.

Turn Your Watermelon Into A Cat

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If you fancy engaging in a little naturalistic role reversal, it’s a cinch to turn your handsome watermelon into something that resembles a cat. Popular methods include sticking pieces of other fruit to the watermelon so that it resembles a feline’s face, or taking a slice of melon and using some carefully positioned seeds to create a cat’s eyes, nose and whiskers on the pink flesh.

Check Out The Watermelon Hat Cats!

Finally, a few years ago the ultimate in cat-watermelon interaction took place over in Japan when a video of three cats wearing quarter pieces of watermelons as hats hit YouTube. Starring role goes to the ginger cat situated house left who lays there looking dignified while his two pals eventually ditch their watermelon hats and saunter off.