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5 Ginger Cats To Follow For Kiss A Ginger Day

All cats are created equally wonderful, but that doesn’t stop some of us humans from having our personal breed and color favorites. Some people are all about the black cat, others are infatuated with torties, and some are seduced by the allure of the ginger cat.

With January 12th being celebrated as Kiss A Ginger Day, here is a run down of five excellent ginger cats you need to start following on Instagram right now.

1. Waffles


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Waffles is a ginger Scottish Fold whose catchphrase is “Carbs: I love them.” When not chowing down on his favorite snacks and hankering after smorgasbords of food, you’ll find the excellently named Waffles entertaining his 700,000 loyal social media followers.

2. Hosico


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Hosico is a real deal social media star. With his large, animated eyes and somewhat portly physique, this ginger kitty looks remarkably like the cartoon character Garfield. Apparently, his name is a Japanese translation of the phrase “star child.”

3. Calippo and Dorito


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Ed Sheeran is a world famous ginger haired singer-songwriter. Naturally, it follows that his own felines, Calippo and Dorito, also sport ginger-flecked fur. You can get a peek into their world over at their Instagram account, which collectively tags them as The Wibbles.

4. BenBen


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BenBen is a feline living in Canada who’s referred to by his humans and fans as “the saddest cat on the Internet.” But don’t be fooled! The tag line just refers to the way his facial expressions look like he’s constantly worried by everything. But dig into BenBen’s back story and you’ll uncover a great rescue tale and a ginger cat enjoying his forever home.

5. Hobbes


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Hobbes is a luxurious looking ginger cat who claims to be both a philosopher and president. He lives in Minnessota alongside his pal Blucky, although sometimes he needs to seek out some quiet solo sanctuary in a cardboard box.

Do you have a favorite ginger cat to follow online? Let us know in the comments below!

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