Kitten in a Christmas tree
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Fur Laughs: 9 Cats Who Love — Or Hate — Christmas Trees [VIDEOS]

Nothing says Christmas for a cat parent more than finding your cat attacking your Christmas tree. While the Christmas tree is a beautiful decoration meant to be admired and gathered around to us humans, it’s a completely different story to a cat.

For a kitty, your tree is basically a giant toy with more toys hanging from it — a.k.a. your precious ornaments and decorations.

Of course, we should all make it a priority to always be sure our cats are safe around the Christmas tree. Even though the videos below are cute, let’s all keep our kitties safe this season.

Here are nine adorable videos of cats climbing, attacking, and ruining Christmas trees.

1. Bad Christmas Kitty

This Calico kitty named Izzy has turned this family’s Christmas tree into her official home. According to her human, they cannot hang any Christmas ornaments because Izzy immediately goes after them.

Izzy even loves to sleep in the tree like it’s a cat condo. She’s the reason that this Christmas tree doesn’t quite look the way a Christmas tree is expected to look, as she even knocks off all the lights at the very top!

2. Sneaky Christmas Cat

This pet parent decided to secretly record his cat with a time-lapse camera because, whenever he came home, it seemed that the Christmas tree had been attacked.

When he’s home, his cat plays it cool and does nothing suspicious. But as soon as he leaves, it’s a different story. The feline first checks the window to make sure his human left, and then instantly makes his way to the tree for his attack.

Now that is one smart and stealthy cat, but he’s officially been caught red handed — er, red pawed!

3. Christmas Tree Set Up Fail

Before the Christmas tree is even finished being put up, these cats are on the attack. As the human is setting up the tree, the cats cannot stop themselves from getting in on the action.

While the cats might think it’s all just fun and games, they probably don’t realize they are more of a burden than a help. They start jumping in the tree and pulling off all the decorations.

But you have to admit, it’s adorable, right?

4. Cats Versus Tinsel

Thinking about putting tinsel on your Christmas tree? Well, think again because cats see tinsel as the ultimate toy. It’s shiny, fuzzy, and when it moves it’s irresistible to a cat.

This human attempts to decorate his tree, but the tinsel is just too much for the cats to handle. After watching this video, cat parents might want think about skipping the tinsel, or it may end with disastrous results.

If tinsel is swallowed, it can cause obstructions and lots of nasty problems. However, from the cat’s perspective, it’s the most fun decoration ever.

5. Cats Versus Christmas Trees Compilation

Watch this compilation to see the most classic cat Christmas tree fails. If you’re a cat lover, you might recognize a few of these fails from your own home.

After watching this video, it seems as if maybe all cats were born with the instinctive desire to attack Christmas trees, no matter what. It’s such a common thing between all cats that Christmas trees truly never had a chance.

6. Siberian Cat Climbs Christmas Tree

Fact: Yuri the Siberian cat loves to climb. She loves to climb so much that she climbs all the way to the very top of the Christmas tree.

It’s amazing just how fast she’s able to get to the top. Make sure you watch until the end because it’s adorable how she just sits comfortably at the very top of the tree.

She even looks like she could be a cat Christmas ornament!

7. Christmas Angel Cat

In this video we have another case of the tree climbing cat. This cat, however, makes it all the way to top, becoming the Christmas tree star.

The humans already had to remove all the decorations because this naughty kitty has made a habit of climbing the tree and knocking them off. While he is a naughty cat, you have to admit, he does have amazing skills to be able to sit at the very top and not fall off.

8. Kitten Attacks Angel

You would think the angel at the top of your Christmas tree is safe from the threat of cat attacks far above the ground, but think again because nothing is safe! The power of the cat attack is strong enough that even your precious angel cannot escape.

Watch as this adorable kitten makes it all the way to top just to attack the angel topper.

If you have cats, especially kittens, you might want to invest in an inexpensive angel topper, just in case your cat finds their way to it.

9. Wild Christmas Cat

This cat is wild about Christmas. He can’t stop attacking the same Christmas decoration over and over.

It’s like he’s on a mission to take it down, and nothing will get in his way. He’s one determined kitty.

According to the pet parents, he’s usually a very well behaved cat, but something about the Christmas tree brought out the naughty in him.

Do your cats attack your Christmas tree? How do you protect your decorations? Let us know in the comments below!

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