Christmas kitten
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20 Cute Cats Posing For Their Christmas Cards [PICTURES]

Do you send Christmas cards of your kitties to all your friends and family?

Cats certainly warm our hearts in the cold months. There’s nothing like a furry friend to purr and snuggle with you by the fire.

The kitties in these pictures are ready for you to take their Christmas pictures and spread some cheer via the postal service.

We love including our friends and family in the Christmas holiday, especially the furry ones.

Just remember that there are a lot of holiday dangers for our pets, and we need to be responsible cat parents. Make sure you anchor the tree so no kitties can knock it over, and keep it off limits while you’re not home.

Save the holiday human foods for humans, and dispose of trash in a secure bin. If you have any guests coming over, make sure they know the rules. Keep outside doors closed, and maybe even designate a room for your cat to relax until the commotion dies down.

Make this Christmas safe and happy for your feline family.

Do you have a holiday-loving kitty at home to pose for your Christmas cards? Are you celebrating with your cat this year? Let us know and post pictures in the comments below!

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