6 Amazing Holiday Gifts For New Cat Parents

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There’s no better feeling than knowing a friend of yours is a new cat parent, and therefore, a future crazy person, just like you. With the holidays on the way, it’s a great time to get them a gift to welcome home the new feline.

If you have a friend or family member in your life with a newly adopted a cat, there are a lot of great gifts you can get them to help with with their new best buddy.

Here are some of the best gifts for new cat and kitten owners.

1. Black Hole Cat Litter Mat

cat mat

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Your new cat-owning friend may have remembered to get the litter and the litter box. However, new cat parents may not realize what a nuisance loose litter on the floors of their homes can be.

Grab them one of these litter mats to keep the new kitty’s paws from tracking dirty litter all over their new home.

You can get it on Amazon here!

2. SUCK UK Cat Playhouse Series Scratching Pad

cat dj scratcher

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Your friend may already have a scratching pole, but this scratching DJ pad is too cute to pass up. Plus, it gives them a great prop for the inevitable slew of new cat photos they will be posting on Instagram.

You can get it on Amazon here!

3. Lion Shaped Cat Cave

lion cat cave

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Giving a cat their own place to relax is crucial in making sure they feel comfy in their new home. Help your new cat-owning friend welcome their kitty with this adorable lion shaped cat cave.

Maybe the lion’s mane will inspire courage and an adventurous wild cat spirit for your friend’s new cat.

You can get it on Amazon here!

4. Vivapet Cat Dining Table

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If your friend likes a modern look for their home, this cat dining table will help them stay stylish. The bowls are tilted at a 15-degree angle, making it easier for their new kitty to eat.

It also has a small slot on the side that could be filled with cat safe herbs, like catnip or wheatgrass.

You can get it on Amazon here!

5. Two Way Mirrored Bird Feeder

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Your new cat parent pal will soon discover that their cat absolutely loves looking out of the window. Make it even more enjoyable for their cat with this two way mirrored bird feeder.

The mirrored part keeps birds from seeing how terrifyingly close your cat is to them, making perfect it the perfect cat TV.

You can get it on Amazon here!

6. Fashion’s Talk Cat Toys Variety Pack

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Your friend most likely already bought a couple of toys for their new cat. What they aren’t planning on, however, is their kitty losing all of them within two days.

Cat toys have this magic ability to disappear into thin air (or underneath hard-to-reach places that never see the light of day), so make sure your friend’s new cat has a healthy supply of new toys, just in case.

You can get it on Amazon here!

Have you ever given a really spot-on gift to a new cat parent? What other gifts would new cat owners appreciate? Give us your shopping tips in the comments below!

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