A white cat in anticipation of the holiday lies on a windowsill next to a wooden green Christmas tree
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7 Creative Christmas Tree Alternatives For Cat Parents

There’s just something about a Christmas tree that makes cats want to destroy it. Whether it’s playing with tinsel, nesting up in the branches, or batting at ornaments, most cats will find a way to wreak havoc on your holiday spruce.

If you still want to be festive without running the risk of your kitty destroying the Christmas tree — or worse problems, like having serious issues after ingesting tinsel — there are ways to have a tree without having a tree.

Here are seven Christmas tree alternatives for folks with mischievous kitties.

1. Photo Collage Christmas Tree

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Take photos from previous holiday seasons and create a pine-like shape with them on your wall. Decorate it with festive washi tape.

Be sure to include some photos of your kitty so they don’t feel left out!

2. Hanging Christmas Tree

If you can’t stand the idea of forgoing the scent of fresh pine needles, this one is for you. Take tree branches and arrange them on your wall in this minimal, chic manner.

Or, you can make non-real branches with this tutorial over at almost makes perfect.

3. Wooden Card Display

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This cute DIY plywood card holder keeps things merry and bright. As you get more and more into the season, you can add more cards you receive to the tree!

Cards are a lot less tempting to cats than twinkling lights and sparkly ornaments.

4. A Book Tree

If you have a lot of hardcover books in your home, this cat-proof Christmas tree alternative is perfect for you. Simply take the hardcover books and arrange them in a tree-like fashion.

If you don’t have a ton of books, you can start your tree on a small, round table to give it some height — and to keep kitties from automatically assuming it’s a toy for them.

5. Hang Up A Christmas Tree Wall Tapestry


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This Christmas tree alternative is excellent not only for cat parents, but also for people short on space.

The flat tapestry still shows you’re in the holiday spirit, but it’s nowhere near as tempting for your cat to jump into as a regular tree.

6. A Hanging Ornament Christmas Tree

This gorgeous tree idea may seem like a tempting toy to cats… and it can be.

If you opt for this hanging tree, be sure that the lowest ornaments are in no way accessible to your cat, otherwise you may end up with a lot of shattered ornaments on the floor.

7. Trim The Bottom Half Of Your Tree — Or Shave It Completely


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This alternative Christmas tree for cat parents is definitely for those with a sense of humor. If you get a live tree, simply cut off all of the bottom branches.

Maybe leave only the top third of the tree in tact. This way, your cat can’t easily climb up or bat at the ornaments and décor hanging on the top of the tree.

Do you have a creative Christmas tree alternative that’s safe for cats? What does your tree look like this year? Let us know in the comments below!

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