Sponge Bob drops 4 pounds

According to No More Sitting Pretty, Kitty — better known as the official website for Sponge Bob — the feline has dropped four pounds since he was adopted on June 1.

He now weighs 26 pounds.

In a two-week period, Sponge Bob shed 4 pounds, two pounds each week — that exceeds the initial goal of losing 1 to 2 pounds each month. SB’s owners are keeping an eye open for symptoms of Fatty Liver Disease, which is a risk when obese cats drop weight too fast.

Although a regimented exercise plan hasn’t been implemented yet, the SB’s owners play with him often, and when he isn’t chasing laser pointers, the feline is exploring his new digs.

You can read the latest on Sponge Bob at his official site.

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