Top 8 Cats That Are Easy To Groom

Some cats have high-maintenance fur coats that require regular brushing; others require little grooming. According to the Cat Cat Breed Center, these eight cats have the highest — five-star — rating of “Extremely” in the Easy to Groom Breed Characteristic (in alphabetical order):

1. Burmese Cats


 2. Cornish Rex Cats


3. Devon Rex Cats


4. European Burmese


5. Havana Brown Cats


6. Korat Cats


7. Siamese Cats


8. Turkish Angora Cats


What makes these cats so easy to groom? They all have short hair that can be easily brushed or cared for with minimal maintenance. If you’re looking to adopt a cat at the shelter and you don’t want to deal with a lot of grooming, just look for the short hair cats. Longer hair requires special grooming and trips to the groomer.

Do you have a cat that’s easy to groom? Tell about her in the Comments section?