Over the Top Cat Items

True “wish list” items, these products start at $100:

Buckingham Palace Kitty Mansion

They act like royalty so why not give them a palatial play area from which to rule? This one-of-a-kind kitty mansion features large bedroom areas, overhead tunnels, royal seats, large scratching posts, ramps, slides, and more. The Buckingham Palace Kitty Mansion stands at just under 9’, is 80” wide, and 44″ deep.


It’s no secret that the safest place for cats is indoors. We also, however, know how much our cat’s love the freedom and excitement of exploring the outdoors. Why not give them the best of both worlds with a specially designed (safe) enclosure called a “catio”? Catio’s can be very simply designed such as a mesh box or tent with a few toys for your cat to enjoy. Or they can be very elaborate, a large enclosure with ramps, hammocks, fountains, climbing structures, and plenty of fresh air. You can let your imagination run wild and really have a fun time designing something like this! If you plan on your cat spending quality time in their catio provide a litter box as well as food and water bowls.

DOG: The ultimate scratching post

We think the DOG Scratching Post is a cat’s dream come true! What better way to take out your frustrations with the family dog and not have to worry about being scolded? The DOG is cast in polyester resin and subsequently wrapped with sisal cord. A great way to save wear and tear on your furniture while adding a unique splash of design to your room.

Fantasy Forests’ Cat Trees

If you’ve got the space and truly want to give your feline his own domain, take a look at the Fantasy Forest, which features a plethora of unique cat furniture. Ranging from 2′ to 10′ tall, these imitation trees, castle towers, and mountain falls (among others) are made of fur, wood, or bark, and can be fitted with optional doors, leaf colors, and color patterns — you can even design your own custom structure. All made in the U.S.A.

The Sky Scratcher

A scratching post is essential for any household feline, and The Cat Scratcher combines recyclable materials with unique aesthetics. The SS features 120 pieces of layered cardboard and bamboo plywood stacked 3’ high to resemble a skyscraper building — specifically, Chicago’s Sears Tower or New York’s Empire State Building — anchored by a sturdy 12″ square base to keep the structure from toppling. As your cat claws sections to ribbons, simply throw the “used” floors into the recycling bin and order a replacement. A 2-ounce bottle of organic catnip is included to lure your pet to the tower.

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