Cat Holiday Gift Guide

Best Holiday Gifts For Cats And Cat Lovers

If you’re still looking to get your shopping done for a kitty or a human who is an absolute cat fanatic this holiday season, there’s still time. Here are a few of the best holiday gifts for cats and cat lovers!

by Mike Clark
November 21st

Over the Top Cat Items

Holiday gifts for your cat that cost more than $100, including the Buckingham Palace Kitty Mansion, the Catio, DOG: The ultimate scratching post, and more.

by CatTime
November 30th, 2012

Other Cat Products

Miscellaneous products for cats and humans:Cats for DummiesCome on now, you’re no dummy — your cat just makes you feel like one. But with this comprehensive handbook, you’ll be in the know on all matters feline faster than you can say Japanese Bobtail. From choosing a great pet to training tips to health information to […]

by CatTime
November 30th, 2012

CatTime’s 2012 Holiday Gift Guide

The holidays are upon us, and more perplexing than what to get your Uncle Bob is what to get his pet cat. Never fear, CatTime gives recommendations for a variety of presents for all types of cats and humans. Whether it’s a bag of treats, a unique toy, or a tall scratching post, chances are […]

by DogTime Staff
November 30th, 2012
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