Week 3:

Monday (03/11):

Resident Cat (RC) saw New Cat (NC) at a distance through the open master bedroom door and neither cat hissed; later, I held NC and went out on the Master Bedroom balcony and made sure RC (in the patio below) saw me holding her; RC didn’t hiss (she ran into the house instead), but NC’s tail fluffed up.

Tuesday (03/12):

NC appeared to be getting better. Tried to get the two cats to eat on opposite sides of the closed master bedroom door; NC was fine, RC took a few nibbles and walked away.

Saturday (03/17):

Gave NC the last of her medication for her upper respiratory infection; she has stopped sneezing and the eye discharge has stopped. RC still hisses when she smells NC’s fur. NC is now confined to the master bathroom and bedroom during the day.

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