introducing a cat to a cat

  • Week 7:

    Week 7:

    Sunday (04/07): Took down the chicken wire between the play and dining area and let the two cats roam (while supervised) freely at certain times during the day. Resident Cat (RC) is tolerating New Cat (NC), and NC is learning to keep her distance, but often initiates confrontations. Both cats simultaneously played with the same […]

  • Week 6:

    Week 6:

    Tuesday (04/02):Put Resident Cat (RC) in the play area behind the “fence,” and placed New Cat (NC) in the dining area. RC got tired of being fenced in, so she climbed to the top of the nearby scratching post and jumped over the barrier. NC then chased RC into the office, where RC hid under […]

  • Week 5:

    Week 5:

    Sunday (03/23):Put Resident Cat (RC) on the back patio and New Cat (NC) inside the play area and closed the sliding-glass door. RC hissed and batted at the glass; NC put her ears down and hissed.Observed the two cats had no problem at a distance; when they got close, they got riled-up. Tuesday (03/26):Put NC […]

  • Week 4:

    Week 4:

    Sunday (03/18):Switched food and water bowls so the cats could get used to each other’s scent.Had New Cat (NC) switch spaces with Resident Cat (RC); NC spent most of the time in the kids’ play area, while RC was confined to the master bedroom/bathroom. Put RC in the dining area and closed the French-style doors […]

  • Week 3:

    Week 3:

    Monday (03/11):Resident Cat (RC) saw New Cat (NC) at a distance through the open master bedroom door and neither cat hissed; later, I held NC and went out on the Master Bedroom balcony and made sure RC (in the patio below) saw me holding her; RC didn’t hiss (she ran into the house instead), but […]

  • Week 2:

    Week 2:

    Sunday (03/03): Resident Cat (RC) sniffed NC’s pet bed and hissed.Took a brush and collected fur from both cats. NC smelled RC’s fur and licked it; RC sniffed NC’s fur and (after a while) hissed.When RC smells NC’s fur, it’s as if a reflex action kicks in and she involuntarily hisses. Monday (03/04):RC heard NC […]

  • Week 1:

    Week 1:

    Saturday (03/02): Brought New Cat (NC) home and put her in master bathroom, where we also placed her food, water, litter box, and pet bed. We kept NC confined the master bathroom, but frequently visited and gave her attention.

  • Adoption diary: Adding a cat to a family with an existing cat

    Adoption diary: Adding a cat to a family with an existing cat

    Video: A diary of events that occurred when introducing a new cat to a household that already had an existing cat, including milestones and demonstrated behavior.