Week 6:

Tuesday (04/02):

Put Resident Cat (RC) in the play area behind the “fence,” and placed New Cat (NC) in the dining area. RC got tired of being fenced in, so she climbed to the top of the nearby scratching post and jumped over the barrier. NC then chased RC into the office, where RC hid under the bed.

First “official” unrestrained face-to-face meeting: Put RC and NC together in the hallway where we fed them (on 03/28). NC approached RC, who hissed, growled, and ran under daughter’s bed. NC waited at the edge of the bed, but didn’t go underneath it. RC then ran to the landing on the stairs, where she had a stand-off with NC. RC then ran under the office bed. NC was taken back to her room; both cats were given treats and pets.

Wednesday (04/03):

Let NC out of the master bedroom for a second face-to-face. NC met RC on the stairs. RC growled and hissed, then moved under the dining room table. NC followed. After RC batted at NC, she ran around the couch, up the stairs, and under the bed in the office. RC growled, but NC did not go under the bed. NC seems to understand the boundary. End of meeting.

The pattern at this point seemed to be NC approaching RC and RC running away, or holding her ground and batting at NC with her paw.

Friday (04/05):

NC chased RC under the bed, and then NC went under the bed with RC.

Saturday (04/06):

A breakthrough: RC and NC actually got close and touched noses; then RC went into stand-off mode and hissed.

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