Abandoned cat scores sweet new home in Hobbiton

Hobbit fans probably know that New Zealand is home to Hobbiton, the movie set where the Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit were filmed. What they may not know is that a cat named Pickles lives on the grounds.

According to comic-book writer Gail Simone’s Twitter page, Pickles was discovered when he was just a kitten and Hobbiton was under construction. The feline was found by movie crew members who saw someone throw a sack out of their car.

The sack was full of kittens, who all died except for Pickles.

Now a grown cat, Pickles lives in Hobbiton, which is a popular tourist attraction. “One day, Pickles goes down to the Green Dragon Inn to get delicious scraps from the kitchen,” Simone writes in a post. “It’s the most adorable thing ever.”

The feline is the topic of an upcoming children’s book titled Pickles Goes to Hobbiton.

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