Check Out These 7 Inspirational Cat Cake Ideas

Whenever there’s a holiday on the horizon, you’re inevitably going to be invited to some sort of soiree where you’re expected to bring with you some food for the collective feasting. Picking up a dessert is usually an easy way to fulfill your social duties, but instead of grabbing the traditional pumpkin or pecan pie, why not switch it up and enter the bold and quirky world of cat cakes?

Here’s some inspiration for turning your sweet tooth cravings into a salute to the feline form.

Begin by keeping it basic

(Picture Credit: camilabottegabozzo Instagram)

Let’s start with a simple (and hopefully easy) way to take a standard cake and transform it into an abstract tribute to the feline face. Smart use of triangular accoutrements will grab the eye of any kitty fancier. Pocky sticks would also work quite delectably for the whiskers.

All about the yarn

(Picture Credit: floury.hands Instagram)

According to the cake maker behind this smart concoction, each of the strings were individually hand-rolled before being used to cover the cake. The Tuxedo cat on top of the ball of yarn is all about mischief.

A magnificent depiction

(Picture Credit: robbydeephotography Instagram)

Let’s not even attempt to fathom exactly how this intricate masterpiece was put together, but this spooky black cat is as close to edible art as you’re going to get. If the impending zombie cat apocalypse looks like this, maybe it won’t be so bad after all.

All gold everything

(Picture Credit: mnhtea Instagram)

Ignore the fact that the front paws here look like something that should rightly be on a duck-billed platypus and instead marvel at the way this all gold feline has been carved out of cake and ganache. Perfect for all regal occasions and binge watching The Crown.

Hold on!

(Picture Credit: behnkesugarcraft Instagram)

Even if you don’t have the time to fashion your own original frosting cat, you could probably pick up a pre-made sugarpaste feline cake topper and quite easily replicate the way this cat appears like she’s digging in her claws to avoid an ungraceful fall. Paw prints on the top of the cake would also be a cute touch.

Choc’s away

(Picture Credit: tootietreatsbakery Instagram)

Taking a face-down point of view, chocolate frosting is used as the foundation of this cat’s fur, while simple geometric sugar shapes are layered to create his face. He looks a bit like he’s called Harold, right?

Sanitation alert!

(Picture Credit: mnhtea Instagram)

Finally, what better way to announce your classy arrival at a shindig than by turning up with a cake modeled on a cat’s litter box? Chocolate as poop is an obvious shoe in, while a crumb cracker or chopped nut topping plays the part of the litter itself. On that note, litter scoop-shaped spoons would also be an excellent addition.


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