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(Picture Credit: Evgenii Ryzhenkov/Getty Images)

Daily Dose Of Cute: Cat Playing On Ice Will Warm Your Heart [VIDEO]

The winter weather is still here for a lot of us, but that won’t stop some cats from having a good time. The cat playing on ice in the video above doesn’t seem to mind that the water is frozen. In fact, he probably likes staying dry more than getting wet fur, even though the frozen stuff is a bit slippery.

What is this kitty going for underneath the ice? Does he see a fish? His own shadow? A mermaid? We may never know. That said, at least we can all enjoy watching this cute cat play and warm our hearts in these cold months.

Some cats can make their own fun, no matter where they are or what the weather is like. Their adorable antics can make us smile, even if our teeth are chattering and our eyes are watering in the cold. If anything can keep us warm throughout winter, it’s the fun, love, and snuggles we get from our favorite furry friends.

But don’t forget, winter can be a dangerous time for cats. Make sure you keep them safe. Here are a few winter dangers to look out for!

Common Winter Dangers For Cats

(Picture Credit: Evgenii Ryzhenkov/Getty Images)

During the coldest season of the year, a few things become more dangerous, even deadly, for our feline friends. Here are a few of the most common concerns for cats this time of year:

  • Antifreeze – This chemical is used frequently in winter and often leaks out of cars or spills onto the pavement where cats can come in contact with it. Open containers are also dangerous.
  • The hood of your car – A just-parked car has a nice, toasty, warm engine sitting under the hood. Cats are attracted to the warmth and may find their way inside. To avoid scalding your cat or worse, give the hood a quick bang to insure they are not nested in there before you start your car up.
  • Undernourishment or dehydration – It takes a lot of energy for a mammal’s body to stay warm through the bitter cold. If your cat is primarily an outdoor cat, the chill can take an incredible toll on their body, causing dehydration. You may need to up your cat’s food intake, as well.
  • Knocked over heat sources – Space heaters and other kinds of heating sources can be dangerous if cats knock them over. Pets start many house fires each year on accident. Don’t let your pet be one of them.
  • Hypothermia and frostbite – If your cat is older, has a leaner build, or has a thinner coat, they will be more susceptible to frostbite and hypothermia than other cats. Your cat may be angry at you for taking away their freedom and keeping them inside during the brutally cold days, but you will be saving their life by doing so.

Would your kitty ever play on the ice like the cat in the video? Or are they more of a stay-inside-and-curl-up-by-the-fire type of feline? Let us know in the comments below!

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