Cat Toy Gifts 2014

Cats and kittens love to play, and watching a feline battle it out with a toy is priceless. Here are five items that can provide hours of entertainment:

Cat Amazing

With three difficulty levels, the Cat Amazing interactive puzzle is suitable for the most curious of kittens to the savviest of cats. While the recycled cardboard box might appear simple to us, the clever design encourages kitty’s natural instincts to smell, explore, hunt, and capture prey. Just place a few treats in each section, or add your cat’s favorite toy inside the box, and prepare to be entertained.

Available at: CatAmazing | Amazon

Foam Soccer Balls Cat Toys

Yes, you can be a proud soccer mom after all, while your feline child scores with these lightweight bouncy balls. Kittens especially love them, as they roll fast, and are extra bouncy. The material is soft enough for cats to bite or carry the balls around in their mouths, yet hard enough to not rip when bitten. Watch your cat bat at and flick these colorful balls into the air with their claws. What could be better than one of these quiet, easy to clean balls? Well, a dozen of them, of course. By Think!Cat, comes in 8- and 12-ball packs.

Available at: Amazon

Tiger Teasers Lion Lure Wire Cat Teaser Play Wand Toy

Touted as the safest cat wand toy currently on the market, the Lion Lure, with its slightly flexible acrylic wand, can withstand routine, rough play. The metal wire enables the user to mimic the movements of a small rodent. By holding the durable, lightweight wand, with one quick flick of the wrist, your cat will go cuckoo. For even more fun, slide the Lion Lure underneath a door, or around the corner, and watch your cat’s natural prey drive go into overdrive.

Available at: Amazon

YEOWWW! 100% Organic Catnip Toy, Yellow Banana

At 7 inches, this U.S.-made, durable, nontoxic cotton twill banana is larger than most cat toys. The curvature and size of the banana encourages nuzzling, grabbing, and bunny kicking. Cats are able to bite down on one end of banana, while scratching at the opposite end with their rear paws. Stuffed exclusively with 100 percent organic catnip, there’s no need to worry about harmful fillers. Just wait till you see your cat monkey-around with his new YEOWWW! Catnip banana. Get three times the fun with this handy 3 pack.

Available at: Amazon | EntirelyPets

Petco Holiday Fireplace 10 Pack Assorted Cat Toys

Cats can entertain themselves for hours with the right toy, but what happens when she has 10 to choose from? This Petco grab-bag features a plethora of play items, including stuffed catnip toys, crinkly balls, rolling balls, wand teaser, and other items — all in the festive red-and-green holiday colors. The items come in a convenient gift box that’s ideal for wrapping (give it to your feline, and let her do the “unwrapping”).

Available at: Petco

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