British Shorthair kitten
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Fur Laughs: Cute Kitten’s Snoring Keeps Older Brother Awake [VIDEO]

Humans aren’t the only ones who get annoyed by snoring. The kitten in the video above has the cutest little snore, but his older brother can’t sleep with all that noise!

The older kitty’s eyelids look pretty heavy, but those snores are keeping him wide awake. Hopefully he’ll find a nice, quiet place for a cat nap later.

And speaking of sleeping cats, did you know you can tell a lot about a cat from their sleeping positions and behaviors? Here are a few facts about your sleepy feline.

Facts About Cats & Sleep

(Picture Credit: byakkaya/Getty Images)

When it comes to felines, we all know that our kitty friends absolutely love to nap, catch 40 winks, and siesta their way through the day. So let’s dig a little deeper into the meanings behind cat sleeping patterns, positions, and behaviors:

  • If you see your cat sleeping on their side, that means they’re in a deep sleep.
  • If kitty is all curled up, tailed tucked in, that’s meant to suggest they’re looking to stay protected.
  • The cat loaf position — paws tucked underneath their body — means your cat is in a light sleep and ready to move or respond to any potential danger signs.
  • If you see your feline has fallen asleep on their back with their tummy exposed, that means they feel totally content and safe in their environment.
  • A well-enclosed cat feels protected from predators, so that’s why they might prefer to sleep in a good, old-fashioned box.
  • If your cat sleeps on you, it could mean that they’re looking for warmth; another reason might be that they enjoy your familiar smell, which imparts a sense of safety.
  • Cat snoring is likely caused by a temporary blockage in their upper airway. It’s worth mentioning to your vet, just to be safe.

Do you have a kitten at home who snores? Has your cat’s snoring ever kept you awake like the older kitty in the video? Let us know in the comments below!

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