Portrait of white cat with crown on head sitting on bed, Namibia.
(Picture Credit: by Sigi Kolbe/Getty Images)

5 Ways Your Cat Is Like Royalty — And You’re Their Servant!

Cats are used to being treated like royalty. They’ve been worshiped, pampered and adored by humans since ancient times.

Despite what you may think, today’s cats are just as regal and royal as they ever were. And if the number of cat memes out there is any indication, we certainly haven’t stopped worshiping them!

Here are a few ways that your cute, whisker-faced friend is forcing you into royal servitude with king-and-queen-like majesty — without you even realizing it.

So there you have it! You went from ruler of your own castle to royal kitty servant. You’re a lowly, humble, feline worshiper, and your cat wouldn’t have you any other way.

Doesn’t every kitty deserve to be treated like royalty? Do you feel like a servant to a regal cat? Let us know in the comments below!


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