7 Reasons Your Cat Thinks Christmas Is 100 Percent About Them

cat on christmas

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Christmas time gives humans who celebrate the holiday warm and fuzzy feelings, and it gives cats a whole lot of joy, too.

While things like gingerbread cookies, presents, and holiday music may make us humans feel festive, there are certain aspects of Christmas that may have your cat thinking this holiday is solely about them.

Here’s why your cat believes Christmas is all about celebrating their feline glory.

1. Why Else Would There Be All Of These Boxes?

cat in gift box

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Boxes are to cats what milk is to Santa’s cookies. They go hand-in-hand, and the only reason humans would ever bring a bunch of boxes home is for the kitty of the house, right?

Gifts are great, but make sure to save some of those fun boxes for your cat, too.

2. All Of The Fun Wrapping Paper To Play With

cat with gifts

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Whoever decided that presents were necessary for celebrating Christmas must have been a cat person.

Go ahead and let your kitty have fun playing with the wrapping paper, but remove any dangerous ribbon or tinsel that could wreak havoc on their health. Make sure play time is safe time.

3. Also, The Bags

cat in gift bag

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Okay, literally any type of wrapping device is something that cats think is made for them to play with and destroy.

Bags may be the funnest and cutest of them all for kitties to pop out of, though.

4. Santa Brings Gifts For Kitties, Too

cat in gift box

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No matter how many toys your cat may have, getting a few more from Santa Claus is an exciting and amazing treat.

Often, these gifts are wrapped, which is a gift in itself to cats.

5. There Are Special Warm Beds For Cats

cat on radiator

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A heat vent in the dead of winter is a kitty’s best friend. Your cat probably doesn’t see it as a way of heating up the entire home, but rather as a luxury heater made just for them.

Kitties love to hang near space heaters, too. Just be sure to grab one that turns off if it’s knocked over by a playful cat.

6. There’s A Giant Scratching Pole In The Living Room!

cat in christmas tree

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…Or maybe it’s actually a Christmas tree, but that’s not how your cat sees it.

Some cats love climbing up in the Christmas tree and pretending they are a real-life wild kitty. Others enjoy batting the baubles or chasing the flickering lights.

Be sure to supervise your cat at all times near the Christmas tree. There are some alternative Christmas tree options in case you don’t want your cat climbing up your tree.

7. Cats Get To Spend More Time With You

cat on christmas

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If you’re fortunate enough to get time off work, chances are you’re spending a lot of that holiday time at home with friends and family.

Your cat assumes that this is the special time of year you take off specifically for them so you can snuggle and hang out near the giant scratching post. Well, that may be partially true, at least!

Is your cat convinced that Christmas is only about them? How are you including your kitty in the holiday celebrations? Let us know in the comments.