Best friends! (Photo Credit: Michael Soldatenkov)

Inseparable: Lynx And Kitten Become Best Friends

Lynx are a breed of wild cat known to enjoy their solitude. They are expert hunters and typically live alone in nature. But that all changed when a feral calico kitten, made her way into a Lynx enclosure in the St. Petersburg Zoo in Russia. The kitten was small and hungry and in need of nurturing. The Lynx was delighted with the tiny creature and the pair bonded instantly. The motherly Lynx was more than happy to share her food, water and even her home with the new visitor.

The Zookeepers were surprised when they made the discovery the next day. Thankfully, they love animals and like to keep theirs happy so they let the kitten stay.

The Kitten wound up finding her forever home in the zoo and goes by the name Dusja. She lives with Linda the Lynx. The 2 friends now live together forever doing what cats do best. Groom each other, eat together, sleep together, cuddle, play and make people happy. This ordinary tom cat is now probably one of the most unlikely hot new attractions at the Leningrad Zoo.

The Leningrad Zoo is the oldest Zoo in Russia. It opened in 1865 and is the second largest in size right after the Moscow Zoo.

The Lynx is the most endangered cat in the feline species. They are medium in size, Cougars being one of the largest. Lynx have exceptional eyesight and are able to spot a mouse up to 250 feet away.

If I make it out to Russia, I’d want to go to the The Leningrad Zoo… Right after visiting an Admirals professional ice hockey game, in Vladivostok to see Matroska the cat that ate the $1,000 dollar seafood dinner and became a celebrity.

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