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I’m A Cat Person, So Why Am I Jealous Of My Dog Owner Friends?

I am one hundred percent a cat person. When it comes to the ancient historical divide between felines and canines, you’ll always find me siding with the cat clowder. Even though, I’ll admit that there are a few occasions when I gaze over at my dog friends and secretly admit that I’m just a little bit jealous of them.


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What’s the cause of this? Well, I think it has to do with the — ahem — portability of dogs. Having to walk your canine a couple of times every single day just so it can do its business is not a commitment that sounds particularly appealing to me. But there are definitely times when the idea of taking a long, rambling walk through bucolic scenery with a faithful hound seems like such a blissful way to spend an afternoon. I’d like to be able to do that with my cat.

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Sure, I know that technically I could slip a harness on my cat — but I’m yet to be convinced that being strapped up is something felines actually enjoy rather than tolerate. And I’m sure many cat owners have the scratch marks to prove it.

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Similarly, there’s a sociable appeal to the idea of stopping off at a local bar with your dog while you grab a quick beverage or dining on a patio cafe. But beyond a scattering of esteemed bar cats that seem to thrive in Great British pubs, there doesn’t seem to be much in the way of a cat-friendly bar or pub movement in the United States.

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Maybe this ultimately comes down to stereotypes about cat versus dog personalities. The feline form prefers to be a loner, judging others from a distance while feasting fussily. Canines will run up and try to befriend any random person they chance across and happily scarf down the dregs of a meal that have fallen to the floor. Discernment is not particularly a canine trait.

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Ultimately, does all this personality philosophizing say more about us pet owners than our pets themselves?

Who knows, but there’s one thing that always brings me safely back to Team Cat: I do not envy the idea of having to walk around with a plastic bag filled with hot, steaming poop.



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