Celebrate Nature Photography Day By Becoming An Adventure Cat!

June 15th is Nature Photography Day. The occasion is not only a great chance to take a look at some captivating photographs of cats strutting around outside in the wilderness, but a fine time to delve into the world of adventure cats.

Keep reading to find out how you could turn your leisurely kitty into an all-action adventure cat.

What’s An Adventure Cat?

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Put simply, an adventure cat has come to mean a domestic cat who has been allowed access to the great outdoors. But for their own safety, they do so under the supervision of their humans and usually while on a leash. As you’d expect, the adventure cats hashtag on Instagram brings up some enthralling photos of felines traversing mountain trails and chilling out by serene lakes.

Could Your Cat Be An Adventure Cat?

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First of all, not all cats are ready to be adventure cats. If your feline is super skittish or shy, she’s probably best kept indoors. Similarly, if she’s aggressive and hostile to other animals, she might not be much for mingling on the adventure cat scene.

But if your cat is curious, well-mannered and generally gets along well with other animals and people, she’s an adventure cat in the making.

What Equipment Will I Need?

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Your adventure cat essential kit should include a leash and harness, a backpack or other carrying vessel that you could put your cat in if needed, water, treats, and a basic first aid kit. Also, take precautions to avoid your cat picking up fleas or ticks.

Adventure Cat First Steps

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When starting out, it’s best to put your cat in a harness and go for a stroll in your yard. This will get her used to the dynamics of walking with you.

Next up, you can graduate to a simple trail or route through a local park or hiking area. Walk slowly at first and let your cat explore. Also, repeat the same walk or trail a few times so she gets comfortable with the idea of being an adventure cat.

Adventure Cat Problems

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The biggest issue you’ll come across is other animals — whether in the wild or under the supervision of humans. Dogs are a key issue — especially if their owner disregards rules and lets them bound around off leash. If you see or hear a dog approaching, it’s best to pick your cat up.

Adventure Cat Inspiration

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Need a little visual inspiration? Check out the action-packed Instagram accounts of Eevee, Burma and Kate for your gateway into the adventure cat world!