4 Cost Saving Tips For New Cat Owners

Cats are wonderfully self-sufficient animals–but that doesn’t mean adopting a cat is cheap business. Far from it, in fact, as the monthly expenses can quickly add up. Beyond attempting to buy food and supplies in bulk, here are four smart ways to save money with your new feline companion.

1. Try Savings Over Pet Insurance

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Some people always take out pet insurance, while other people say the premiums usually total more than any vet bills for the year. A smarter solution can be to save a small amount every week or month and keep it in a dedicated savings account for pet related emergencies. That way if you need to pay vet bills, you’ll already have an amount saved up. And if your cat doesn’t need any expensive procedures during her lifetime, you’ll have a tidy sum of money saved up for your own use.

2. Skip Fancy Cat Beds

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Cats are finicky creatures. When you first adopt a feline, you’ll likely want to buy her a plush cat bed–only to discover that she quickly ignores it in favor of the couch or the bed. A cheaper option is to pick up a cardboard box from your local post office (for free!) and leave it out on the floor for your cat to nap in. Cutting out a few entrance holes in the box can also turn it into a full-on cat house.

3. Create An Impromptu Cat Tower

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Affordable cat trees are, unfortunately, pretty hideous looking things. But cats love to climb up and perch in high places. So before you splash out, look around your home and see if you have any existing furniture that can be rearranged to create a natural climbing route. A couch to a cabinet to a bookcase can offer just as much of a vantage point as a cat tree. Placing a cat bed on top of a shelf or near a window is a great lookout perch.

4. Make Your Own Toys

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Seasoned cat owners know that most times you purchase a toy for your cat, there’s a strong chance she’s going to shrug and largely ignore it. So start embracing home-made toys that will pique her interest while saving you some cash: Egg cartons can be easily turned into treat toys, the shape of toilet rolls seem to be a natural lure for cat paws, and balling up a receipt creates the perfect feline soccer ball.

Here are some more great DIY cat toy ideas.