A woman with a cat's head reading a book, 1982. (Photo by Alfred Gescheidt/Getty Images)

5 Weird Stock Photos Of Cats That Make Us Ask ‘Why?’

Almost every major online publication uses stock images in their articles from time to time, and CatTime is no exception. So when we write, say, an article about cats and Christmas trees, we can look through a library of stock images and select from a number of photos of felines and festive trees. Usually, stock images are a useful way to help illustrate the point of an article.

But sometimes those stock photos get weird. Very weird.

Here are five utterly bizarre cat-themed stock photos that will leave you scratching your head and wondering, “Why does this photo even exist?”

1. Woman Vaping With Her Cat

Woman vaping with her cat
(Picture Credit: harpazo_hope / Getty Images)

The description to this photo reads, “Middle-aged woman vaping with her cat.”

Beyond the very obvious health concerns that should discourage anyone from vaping anyway, you should definitely never be smoking anything around your feline.

Thankfully, the cat looks completely shocked and appalled at her human’s behavior.

2. Human Reading With A Cat’s Head On Her Body

Woman with a cat's head reading
(Picture Credit: Alfred Gescheidt / Contributor / Getty Images)

Why, but of course, it’s a lady with a cat’s head attached to her body, lounging around on a lazy afternoon reading a book. If you were wondering, the photo is meant to also represent the year 1982. Try to wrap your mind around that.

3. Pregnant Lady Drinking With Her Cat

Pregnant woman drinking beer with her cat
(Picture Credit: Marc Dufresne / Getty Images)

Next up, we have a heart-warming little scenario called, “Pregnant woman and her boyfriend watching TV and using woman’s belly as a table for their beer bottle.”

This very descriptive title also omits one very other strange addition to the scene: A hairless cat perched on the irresponsible lady’s lap, apparently for no actual reason whatsoever.

4. Cat In Fish Tank Carrier

Cat inside a fish tank
(Picture Credit: Cyndi Monaghan / Getty Images)

Have you ever had the thought to put your cat inside a fish tank? And then gone on to decide that placing a cat inside a fish tank is the best way to transport the feline around?

Probably not. Unless you’re the person in this photo: “The little girl smiles down while looking at her silly cat squeezed inside the tank.”

Right, glad we cleared that one up.

5. Kitten And Doll Party

Kitten riding plastic doll
(Picture Credit: GraphicaArtis / Contributor / Getty Images)

Finally, we have a little something titled, “Kitty getting a ride on the back of a doll.” Nothing remotely creepy about this at all, right? This nightmare fuel might as well find its way into the internet’s trove of cursed images.

Have you ever come across a really bizarre cat photograph? Let us know in the comments below!

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