Coalition for the Adoption of Shelter Animals

Every day, CASA members are working together to increase adoptions of homeless dogs and cats across the country. Together, we’re breaking down barriers in the online adoption process and maximizing the exposure for animals in need.

What does CASA do?

We make it easy for people to find their next pet. And we encourage cause-minded companies and individuals to help us do that.

At the heart of CASA is what we call the DogTime adoptable “iframe.” This iframe is simply a nationwide listing of adoptable dogs and cats who are available at local shelters around the country. It works like many other pet finding portals – the difference with ours is that we offer it free to anyone who shares our dream of eliminating pet homelessness and wants to help achieve that goal.

By removing all technical and financial restrictions on the distribution of adoptable pet data, the members of CASA are dramatically increasing access to over 70,000 adoptable dogs and cats. By promoting the adoptable pet portal on their sites, they are helping to drive adoptions while demonstrating their support for an important cause that is near to the hearts of their customers.

How can you join CASA?

To join the coalition, all you need to do is post the Adoptable Dog and Cat Finder iframe on your site. (It is easily deployed via two lines of code and can be customized by DogTime to fit your site dimensions, geo-location, animal type, and more.)

CASA is free to join – it costs you nothing to post iframe on your site. The reward of knowing you’re helping needy animals find loving families is, of course, priceless.

CASA members