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The 5 Best Cat Videos You Need To Watch For February

Every month at CatTime, we sort through the millions upon millions of cat videos uploaded to the Internet and pick out the five most entertaining for your viewing pleasure. Who doesn’t need more cat videos in their life? Without further ado, here are February 2019’s essential cat videos.

(If you missed last month’s edition, you can still check January’s round up here!)

1. Hatching A Cat!


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Have you come across a better way of introducing a new cat into your household than this? Check out how Timo, a Ragdoll, discovers his new friend, Toby, hatching out of a dinosaur egg!

2. All Snuggled Up


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With certain parts of the country expecting more snow to fall any day now, what better way to combat the weather than by taking inspiration from Komaru? He’s a cat who lives in Japan where he spends his days staying cosy and warm under a blanket during the winter months!

3. Cat In A Bag Mishap


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Cats and bags make for a classic combination, but it seems that a cat in a bag on a neatly laid dining table is a prime setup for some hilarity to ensue.

4. Everyone Loves A Good Massage


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Meet Benny and Berry, a couple of cats living in Japan. They like to spend their days doing little more than relaxing and giving each other luxurious massages.

5. Lunching With Lily


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Finally, let’s take a moment to appreciate Lily, a feline who enjoys nothing more than snacking on a a fresh corn on the cob. Turn the sound up to check out Lily’s chomping noises in their full splendor.

Did you come across an amazing cat video for February that we didn’t spotlight here? Let us know about it in the comments section below!

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