Children’s Book Review | “Tumford the Terrible” by Nancy Tillman

Mommy Jewel reading "Tumford" to Colton

Tumford theTerrible written & illustrated by Nancy Tillman Author and illustrator, Nancy Tillman,takes us on a delightful journey of oopsesand oh noes brought about by the mischievous antics of Tumford,an adorable, roly-poly, tuxedokitty.

Little Tumford is always making messes but has the hardest time saying “I’m sorry.” Tsk, tsk.Will he ever learn the value of owning up to hismistakes, and thepeace of mind he would gain from a clear conscious and a heart-feltapology?

Tumford reminds Colton of Grandma's "mean kitty!" My 2 year old granddaughter, Colton,adores Tumford andimmediately noticed a resemblance between”Tummy” and our own tuxedo kitty, Braveheart.

Brave is quite oldand not terribly fond ofsmall children (to put it mildly). Coltonpointed to Tumford’s picture andwarned me, “Braveheart, mean kitty!”(I captured the momentin the photo on the right).

Manners class is always in sessionwhen Colton isvisiting, so having fun tools at the ready to helpreinforcegrandma’s curriculum is veryhelpful, particularly whenthey come in the form of an engaging story,accompanied bysuch fun andwhimsical illustrations.

“Tumford the Terrible” keptour very busy 2 year old engaged andstillfora whole 10 minutes. Quite a feat, Nancy! We love Tumford!

You can purchase, “Tumford the Terrible” on Macmillan’s website for $16.99 (hardcover). Read more about Nancy Tillman.

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