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Interview With A Pet Psychic Who Helps People And Animals Communicate: Meet Vianne Higgins!

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Has an animal ever sat down next to you and told you about their day or their life? If your answer is yes, then you’re probably one of only an extremely lucky few. I have a neighbor who says she has this gift!

Meet Vianne Higgins. She is a Des Moines, Iowa resident and native. She also works as a psychic for people and their animals and helps them communicate with each other.

I don’t know a thing about astrology, tarot cards, or psychics, so I was a little curious. Luckily, I got the chance to sit down with Vianne and ask her about life growing up and how she got into this line of work.

What Is A Pet Psychic, And Where Did It All Begin?

JULIA:  Give me a brief description of what you do. 

VIANNE: I am the psychic at Visions Psychics, in Des Moines, Iowa. I can communicate with animals and people, living and crossed over. Just remember that love is the strongest bond, and love never dies.

JULIA: Did you have pets growing up?

VIANNE: I had a dog named Monroe, who was half Cocker Spaniel, half Poodle. Half straight hair and half curly.  He was given to me for Christmas when I was six years old. I paper trained him and was responsible for his care. He was such a good dog. 

JULIA: At what age did you feel like you had special gifts? 

VIANNE: I always gave my friends exactly what they wanted for their birthdays. At 13, I wanted tarot cards and was reading astrology books.

JULIA: Do any earlier life experiences stand out that made you realize you had a special connection with animals?

VIANNE: Animals would tell me about their day and life. I thought everyone experienced that and didn’t think anything of it.

 I have always loved animals. My dog would always know when I was coming home. I believe most animals are intuitive. My cat would come running when I pictured the treat jar in my head. 

JULIA: How did you become an animal psychic?

VIANNE: I read humans, too. I noticed that if I pictured a cat treat in my head, my cat would come running. I started reading for humans who asked about their animals’ behavior. Then I started to directly communicate with the animals, themselves.

How Do Pets ‘Talk’ To A Psychic?

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JULIA: I gotta know more. How do animals communicate to you about their day? 

VIANNE: It usually comes to me as words in my head, sometimes pictures.

It is always fun when puppies or kittens say their first words to me. My kittie, Nebula, was found in a garage by a mechanic. A tiny little one. She walked up to me and thought, “I don’t give a fat flip!” I later found out that was something the mechanic said often. And it is Nebbie’s attitude to this day! (I used “flip” in place of the actual word.)

For [another] example, my cat Clove will tell me she had a good sleep, or that someone hurt her feelings. I then say that I am sorry if I, or whoever, hurt your feelings. Every animal that I have talked to has his or her distinct personality.

Concentrate on the animal in your lap or at your side. How do they like to be petted? Spend some time, even five minutes, focusing on just them, and your relationship will improve. We all just want to be heard.

Who Visits A Pet Psychic?

JULIA: Do you mostly work with parents of living pets, or do people also come to you wanting to talk to animals who have crossed over?

VIANNE: Mostly living pets, although I have worked with a fair amount who have crossed over.

JULIA: What are some of the most common reasons that a person may want to consult a pet psychic?

VIANNE: Because they love their pet and want to know about how they are feeling. Behavioral problems, especially litter box and aggressive behavior towards other animals. They want to know how their pet is health-wise. I don’t diagnose, but can point towards areas their veterinarian may want to focus on.

JULIA: How can you help people and their pets communicate better?

VIANNE: I can tell people what their animal is thinking, and tell the animal what their human is thinking.

A lot of what I do has to do with animals’ anxiety, behavioral issues, elimination in “inappropriate places.” I would never diagnose an illness–that is a vet’s job–but I will suggest consulting a vet if  I see problem areas in an animal’s energy.

Some dogs and cats, like people, need some drugs to help them deal with past trauma or other issues. Whenever I have brought this up, people always tell me that is one of the options their vet gave them. That is always a last resort, but sometimes is needed.   

Or I may suggest a diabetes test, for example. 

Some animals just want five minutes of quality time with their human. Others have more demands, like their own blanket because family members keep borrowing it! I am often asked about introducing another animal to the family and can help with those kind of transitions. I can see things from the animal’s point of view, and also their human’s.

What Is A Mass Reading?

(Picture Credit: Julia) This is Smitten Kitten resident cat Walter.

JULIA: You recently hosted an event at Smitten Kitten a local cat groomer, boarder, and supply shop. Tell me about how a mass reading event goes. 

VIANNE: This event has evolved. At first, it was all of the cats at once. That was fun, but chaotic. Then one year, just pictures of cats. The past few years, the pet parents bring their cats in carriers during their appointment times. 

There is an online form that they fill out to reserve their time. The pet parents bring the cats in a carrier, and they are let out, one at a time, for their reading. The parents may have questions, or just want to know how their animals are doing.

Thank you, Vianne! I find it all very fascinating.

If you’d like a pet psychic reading, then you should reach out to Vianne. If you do not live in the Des Moines area, then you can schedule a reading over the phone. Here are some helpful links:

What do you think about pet psychics? Have you ever consulted one for your pet? Then let us know in the comments below!

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