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The 5 Best Cat Videos You Need To Watch For July

These days, we’re all bombarded with cat videos every time we go online or check for social media updates. The proliferation of cat videos is obviously a very great thing, but wouldn’t it be great if someone could do all the legwork and send you over a digest of the five most essential cat videos of the month?

That’s exactly what CatTime’s monthly cat video round up does!

Without further ado, here are July’s five must watch cat videos.

(If you missed last month’s edition, you can still check out June’s cat videos here!)

1. Stay Cool


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Summer time safety tip: Always sport sunglasses when the sun is out, just like these two dapper tabbies.

Bonus points for packing an all-white feline for use as an impromptu pillow.

2. Watch Out, Kitten’s About


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Here is this month’s obligatory cute-as-a-button kitten action.

This one is named Zamir ,and the little ginger tyke is accurately described as a “precious little floof nugget.”

3. High Fiver


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Check out this smart Burmilla who’s giving a high five to their owner.

Remember, training your cat to pull off a few key tricks helps stimulate their mind and also keeps energetic cats active.

4. Mustache Cat!


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It’s been a while since we’ve spotlighted a cat with distinctive facial hair. So let’s give it up for Charlot, who is described as “a Portuguese cat with a typical Portuguese mustache.”

Although, Charlie Chaplin seems a better frame of reference, right?

5. It’s Knock Off!


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Two cats freshly shaved for the summer, a countertop, and a bunch of objects that can be easily knocked off said countertop.

You know how this one ends…

Which of these July cat videos did you like the most? What’s your favorite cat video of the month? Tell us all about it in the comments section below!

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