Cat in sunbeam
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Fur Laughs: 5 Funny, Sunbeam-Loving Cats Trying To Catch Some Rays In Summer [VIDEOS]

We cat parents know that our felines cannot resist sunbeams. If a ray of light enters your home, then it’s practically a guarantee that your cat is going to stalk it down and spend their time lounging in the sun.

Of course, summer brings plenty of sun for our kitties to lie around in. Maybe your feline is napping in a thin stretch of sunlight right now!

But sometimes, the interactions between cats and sunbeams have hilarious consequences, as these five YouTube videos of cats chasing sunbeams demonstrate.

1. Follow The Leader

To start, this time lapse video of a clowder of kitties doing their best to stay up to speed with a slowly shifting sunbeam deserves to go viral.

At one point, what looks like nine of the felines are neatly lined up in the sunbeam before it sneakily shifts along, and they’re forced to keep scooting over. And then the process repeats!

2. Catch The Sunbeam

Here we have Hosico, a famous social media cat, attempting to hunt down a sunbeam.

Check out the video to watch the Scottish Fold’s intrepid efforts to catch the beam.

3. Beaming Bengals

Next up, we come to a couple of Bengal cats named Kitty and Shiva who are locked in a territorial battle to secure sole sunbeam rights.

Stay tuned to see if they can work out a peaceful compromise.

4. Keep On Movin’

More cat versus sunbeam action! Here we have a champion black cat called Kody who’s engaged in a very energetic battle to catch a thin, vertical sunbeam laying across the carpet.

Although, er, the sunbeam isn’t actually moving, which is possibly what Kody’s older feline friend saunters over to tell him towards the end of the footage.

5. Submerged Sunbeam

Finally, let’s give it up for this savvy white cat who’s managed to combine lounging around in a sunbeam with attacking said ray of light.

For bonus multitasking points, the feline also re-purposes the corner of the wall into an impromptu scratching post.

Does your cat love summer sunbeams? Are they always trying to stay in the sunniest spot? Then tell us all about it in the comments below!

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