Top 5 celebrity dogs and cats on Twitter

Gone are the days of wondering which celebrity adopted a dog, and who keeps cats at home. Thanks to Twitter, most proud pet parents show off their animals and share their habits with legions of fans. And if that wasn’t enough information, the pets are starting to speak for themselves.

Here are a few of our favorite celebrity pets who have impressively mastered social media, branching out on their own to have their voices — errr, barks and meows — heard:

1. Bethenny Frankel‘s dog, Cookie: @Cookiedabooboo

Long before Jason, Bryn, or her talk show, Bethenny had Cookie, the loyal pup who loves her mom but (if you watch her reality show you know) hates most everyone else. Luckily Twitter keeps all the riffraff a safe distance away.

Favorite tweet (5/23/2012): “I’m digging LA, literally. This backyard is perfect for burying my bones!”

2. Cee Lo Green‘s cat, Purrfect: @PurrfectTheCat

Purrfect became famous the old fashioned way: on TV. She was a fixture on The Voice, nestled in Cee Loo’s lap as he decided the fate of hopeful singing stars.

Favorite tweet (5/9/2012): “I did NOT pee in @blakeshelton’s chair. ‪#Poopedinit”

3. Taylor Swift‘s cat, Meredith Swift: @MeredithKitty

Meredith was named after Meredith Grey — Ellen Pompeo’s character on Grey’s Anatomy — so it makes sense she’d want to carve her own identity. Surely the two were getting confused for one another before Meredith debuted on Twitter.

Favorite tweet (11/5/2011): “Everyone asking if I’ll be at the T-Party. Lets just say I’m the definition of a ‘party animal’.”

4. 50 Cent‘s dog, Oprah Winfree: @OprahTheDog

When one thinks of gangsta rappers, cute little dogs and Oprah Winfrey immediately come to mind, right? Then you obviously don’t spend much time with 50 Cent — but follow @OprahTheDog and you’ll get to know them both better.

Favorite tweet (6/21/2012): “So my dad @50cent thinks I should be thankful for the mention on Oprah…OK…Just left you a BIG thank you present in your office…ENJOY!”

5. Andy Murray‘s dog, Maggie Mayhem: @Maggiemay_hem

They say behind every great man, there’s a great woman. That’s especially true in tennis (almost) champion Andy Murray’s case — who has his Border Terrier pup Maggie to back him up on tour, and online.

Favorite tweet (7/11/2012): “Potentially blasphemous, yet ingenious, use of new silverware, I think”

Do you have a favorite celebrity pet on Twitter? Let us know in the Comments section!

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