Top 10 most popular dog and cat names of 2014

“But, but…what if we don’t want to be called ‘Bella’?”

According to VPI Pet Insurance’s yearly compilation of the most popular names 500,000 of their customers gave their pets, Bella did a three-peat and was the preferred moniker for dogs and cats last year.

Named after the female lead in the Twilight hit movies and best-selling novels (in case you’ve been living under a rock), Bella topped both cat and dog charts for the third year in a row — in fact, much of 2014’s choices remain relatively unchanged over the top pics of 2013.

Here are the most popular names of 2014 for dogs and cats:

Top 10 male and female dog names:Top 10 male and female cat names:
1. Bella (1*)1. Bella (1*)
2. Bailey (3*)2. Max (2*)
3. Max (2*)3. Chloe (3*)
4. Lucy (4*)4. Oliver (4*)
5. Molly (5*)5. Lucy (NEW)
6. Charlie (7*)6. Charlie (6*)
7. Daisy (6*)7. Lily (NEW)
8. Buddy (8*)8. Sophie (7*)
9. Maggie (9*)9. Tiger (10*)
10. Sophie (*10)10. Shadow (7*)

Maybe next year Bella’s reign will end (honestly, the movies weren’t that good), but if you’re a huge fan of the vampire-human romance series, take a look at our list of Twilight characters with names that are perfect for a canine or feline.

* Designates a 2013 rank