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Do Pet Seat Belts And Carriers Really Work In An Accident?

Most states do not have seat belt laws for our pets. But, if you are taking a long road trip with your cat, it’s important to know the laws of each state and make sure you have the right equipment to keep your cat safely secured in your vehicle when you travel in the event of an accident. Even if there is no restraint law where you live it just makes sense.

Pet seat belt laws, restraints and carriers are designed to save lives and keep pets and people from being injured in accidents. When two cars collide, even at just 35 mph, your cat and their carrier become a projectile that could literally go through your windshield or out the window if not properly secured.

We love our cats like children and we should take the time and put in the effort to protect them when we are in the car just like we would for a human child.

Nonprofit research group Center for Pet Safety (CPS) conducted a pilot study that tested the effectiveness of several different automotive restraint harnesses and carriers for pets. Because mandatory pet seat-belt laws are only recently being enforced in some states and there are no federal standards.

Many carriers are not even crash tested so it’s important to make sure you find a carrier for your cat that has been crash tested and will stand up to the force of an impact.

Many pet owners use crates or carriers for their cats but do not take the time to secure the crate or carrier when they are in the car.

If properly used and secured a quality crash tested pet carrier really does make a difference for your cat in an accident. The difference between life and death in some cases. Properly secured pet carriers really do work. The key is that you have to find a quality crash tested product and use them and use them as instructed.

I did a lot of research and tested many carriers for my cats and I ended up with a SleepyPod for my two boys. But do your own research, find the carrier that’s right for you and use it!


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