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4th Of July Safety Tips For Cat Owners

The 4th of July is on the way, and that means backyard barbecues, fireworks, and party guests dressed in red, white, and blue. Unfortunately, it also means dangers for our cats that we need to watch out for. Here are some safety tips.

by CatTime
July 4th

Cat Facts: 5 Amazing Ways Your Cat Stays Cool In The Summer

While the rest of us humans are dripping sweat and standing in front of window air conditioner units to stave off the summer heat, cats seem to have a cool head about it all. Cats may not pant like dogs or sweat like humans, but they do have some pretty interesting and clever ways of staying cool.

by Maggie Clancy
June 21st

Cat Carriers: Which Kind Is Right For Your Cat?

If there’s one purchase every cat family needs to make even before bringing home their adopted cat, it’s a cat carrier. These portable kennels make it easy to transport your cat safely, whether that’s for a trip to the vet, a move, or a vacation.

by CatTime
April 4th

St. Patrick’s Day Safety Tips For You And Your Cat

Shamrocks, parades, pots o’ gold, green beer—they’re all part of St. Patrick’s Day! But there are a few hazards all cat owners should keep in mind before their festivities—and we aren’t just talking about leprechauns.

by CatTime
February 28th

Tips To Keep Your Cat Safe This Valentine’s Day

Looking for a little romance on Valentine’s Day? Make sure and look out for your pet’s safety, too, as items that show affection can be deadly for dogs and cats. Here are some tips for keeping furry family members safe on this holiday.

by CatTime
February 14th

The Case For Indoor Cats: A Step-By-Step Guide

Outdoor cats face many dangers lurking outside that can harm–or even kill–our beloved felines. Here are a few reasons indoor cats tend to be safer and live longer, and why you should keep your kitty inside your home if at all possible.

by CatTime
February 6th

3 Golden Rules Every Cat Owner Must Never Break

Cats are wonderfully self-sufficient pets. But adopting a cat also comes with a large degree of responsibility, even if most times it seems like our feline overlords are largely content to be left to their own devices. Here are a few golden rules of cat ownership.

by Phillip Mlynar
January 28th

Holiday Safety Tips For Cat Lovers

The Holiday Season is dangerous for curious kitties. However, a few holiday safety precautions will help to ensure your cats stays happy and healthy during the holidays.

by CatTime
December 7th

Keeping Pets Safe In A Natural Disaster

Keeping pets safe in a natural disaster can be difficult. Every responsible pet parent should have a disaster plan that includes all family members, including the non-human ones.

by CatTime
November 6th

Cat Safety: Hidden Dangers Of Halloween

Toxic treats, ringing doorbells, front doors opening and closing for people in spooky costumes shouting “trick or treat”, pranksters, and dangerous decorations make Halloween a potentially very dangerous holiday to our beloved felines.

by Stephanie Dube Dwilson
October 31st

How To Induce Vomiting In Cats

If your cat eats Halloween candy, you may need to know how to do this. Important information every cat owner should know because after your cat has consumed something toxic is not the time to be searching online how to do things like this…

by Maggie Clancy
February 23rd, 2018

ID Tags, Microchips, And Your Cat’s Safety

This tiny chip, implanted (safely and painlessly) between your cat’s shoulders, remains with the animal his entire life. Consider it a valuable back-up plan should your cat’s tags become removed or the collar lost.

by CatTime
May 5th, 2017

10 Safe Ways For Your Cat To Play

Many cat toys may actually be dangerous for your cat. Here are some things to look out for and how to help keep your cat interested in playing activities over time.

by CatTime
February 23rd, 2016
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