Top 10 most popular pet names of 2012

Here we go again. According to VPI Pet insurance, the most popular name for dogs and cats in 2012 remained unchanged from 2011: Bella. The central character from the Twilight novels and movies once again topped the company’s annual list of most popular names for felines and canines, which was aggregated from its database of almost half a million customers.

In fact, the top 10 names for dogs and cats didn’t vary from the prior year; birds and exotics category, however, reshuffled some names.

Male and Female Dogs:Male and Female Cats:Birds and Exotics:
1. Bella1. Bella1. Charlie
2. Bailey2. Max2. Buddy (5*)
3. Max3. Chloe3. Bella (9*)
4. Lucy4. Oliver4. Max (2*)
5. Molly5. Lucy5. Angel (7*)
6. Buddy6. Smokey6. Baby (3*)
7. Daisy7. Shadow7. Coco (10*)
8. Maggie8. Tiger8. Rocky
9. Charlie9. Charlie9. Bandit
10. Sophie10. Tigger10. Sunny (4*)

* Designates 2011 rank.

Maybe now that the final Twilight movie has been released, Bella will gradually tumble down the charts. We can only hope.

Source: VPI Pet Insurance