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Cat Videos: The 7 Best YouTube Cat Videos Of All Time!

There are very few people who can resist the lure of tuning in to a good cat video. That might be why some cat videos are so ridiculously popular on YouTube!

We love our cats, no matter what they get up to. They’re funny, cute, and amazing! If you’re a cat lover like we are at CatTime, your phone storage is probably maxed out with cat videos. After all, who doesn’t like watching filmed footage of felines going about their daily business?

That being so, let’s get into a roundup of the seven greatest YouTube cat videos of all time, which we’ve compiled using the platform’s total view counts.

1. Nyan Cat

The ultimate feline Internet earworm — the insanely addictive Nyan Cat theme song — has been viewed over 180 million times.

Hit play and then enjoy attempting to ever get this one out of your head.

2. Cats Meowing

Do you feel like what you really need to perk your day up is a four-minute long compilation of cats meowing?

Turn up the volume and dig right in here.

3. Giant Maze For Cats

One for the craft-inclined cat fanatic, here we get to witness an intrepid human building a giant cardboard labyrinth for their cats.

Can the plucky felines escape the maze? Watch the strangely hypnotic video to find out.

4. The Two Talking Cats

No surprises here: This is a minute-long video of two cats, named Stina and Mossy, sitting down and talking to each other in a back and forth fashion.

Apparently, the interaction went on for a whole epic hour.

5. Talking Angela

Clocking in at over 1.4 billion — yes billion with a ‘b’ — views, this five-minute animated short features two cartoon felines, Angela and Tom, taking a trip to the beach.

Classic slapstick style humor ensues. This is a fun video that the whole family can enjoy, so feel free to share it with the kids!

6. Simon’s Cat

A legit Internet phenomenon, the Simon’s Cat series of animated comic strips stars a line-drawn feline hero getting up to a bunch of daily shenanigans.

The Cat Man Do episode documents the kitty attempting to wake up their human — a scenario that struck a note with over 60 million viewers around the world.

7. Keyboard Cat

Finally, let’s end with a classic!

Take a trip down memory lane to the year 2007, where footage of a cat seeming to play a keyboard became a real-deal, viral sensation.

What’s your favorite cat video of all time? Should any other cat videos be on this list? Let us know in the comments below!


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