Top 100 weird pet names of 2014

Do you think your pet dog or cat has a strange name? According to VPI Pet insurance, “Peanut Wigglebutt” and “Snuggles Butt Le Lee” were the wackiest names for dogs and cats, respectively, in 2014. The selections were culled from the company’s database of more than half a million registered pets, and picked by VPI employees — take a look:

Top 50 weird dog names:Top 50 weird cat names:
1. Peanut Wigglebutt1. Snuggles Butt Le Lee
2. Sir Hog Knucklehead2. Count Flufferton
3. Sasha Biggiepotamus Fierce3. Katy Purry
4. Otto Von Longdog4. Walter Croncat
5. Zippity Do Dawg5. Joey Banana Pants
6. Airbubble McMuffin6. Felix Thunder Paws
7. Hamburger Patty7. Nuttykitty
8. Angus T Brackencrack8. Senor Meow
9. Mister Buddy Pickles9. Sassy Brat Kat
10. Waffle Dots10. Purrscilla
11. Ajax General11. Autobahn
12. Bacon Bite12. BEG Von Baconface
13. Beaudacious Maximus13. Belly Button
14. BC Wompum Stompum14. Boodles Of Oodles
15. Bobo Prince Of Edinburg15. Cactus Cooler
16. Bogey The Ebony Ace16. Creme Bowling Ball
17. Brutus Pancakes17. Energizer Bunny
18. Butkis18. Eskimo Pie
19. Chief Tator Tot19. Fava Bean
20. Der Jaeger Meister20. Feisty Squeaker
21. FL Martha Washington21. Felix Thunder Paws
22. Felix Thunder Paws22. Froot Loops
23. Knuckle Head23. Fuzzy Wuzzy
24. Kung Fu Seabolt24. General Ginger Beefy
25. Lambchops25. Honest Bob
26. Macaroni Al Dente26. Jazz Purr
27. Mindy Fluffer Nutter27. Kamakazi Wino
28. Munchkin-Dunkin28. Lil Big Foot
29. My Buckaroo Buddy29. Little Funky Monkey
30. No Marley Stoppit30. Luke Skyhopper
31. Officer Piccadilly31. Mila Meowsavitch
32. Panda Bear Pandy32. Miniature Queen
33. Rocko The Porkchop33. Mooshu Vegetable
34. Rootie Patootie34. Mr. Sparkle Pants
35. Ruffles Ms Truffles35. Mr. Purrkins
36. Rump Roast36. New Shoes
37. Sake Bomb37. Paddy Cake
38. Scar Huey Von Kitten38. Parcheezy
39. Sergeant Gumdrop39. Princess Two Face
40. Sir Bubba Grunt40. Shakespurr
41. Snickerdoodle Dandee41. Surfer Dude
42. Southern Comfort42. Tiger Ferocious
43. Tid Bit Tenacious43. Trick-Or-Treat
44. Tide The Knot44. Tru-Purr
45. Twyla Punkin Twinkletoes45. Twelveeightyeight
46. Uncle Father Oscar46. Tybalt King Of Cats
47. Vienna Beef47. Tyrannosaurus Rex
48. Zing Zing48. Valentino Wonder Cat
49. Chester Sugarfoot49. Whiskerus Maximus
50. Gianna Von Doberman50. Zzyzx

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Source: VPI Pet Insurance