Top 100 weird pet names of 2013

With a database of almost half a million pet names, VPI Pet Insurance took a look and selected the top 50 strangest monikers for dogs and 50 for cats.

So, if you’re tired of common pet names, such as Spot, Fido, Bella, and others, you might find the ideal title listed below. Just think how you’d be the envy of the neighborhood when you proudly call your pooch, “Night Panda,” or your feline, “Inspector Gadget:”

Top 50 weird dog names:Top 50 weird cat names:
1. Sir Knuckles da Dragon1. Cheeto Burrito
2. HotRod Whoofington2. Fuzzbutt
3. Captain Underpants3. Mama Pajama
4. Stinky Monkey4. Lady Fluffington
5. Taco Salad5. Nut Job
6. Dallas Cowdog6. Stinky Baby
7. Hunk Heartbreaker7. Doctor Whiskers
8. Ice Bingbing8. Rum Tum Tugger Too
9. Potato Chip9. Fatness
10. Bunny Money Dogg10. Pizza Guy
11. Bacon Bitz11. Catsanova
12. Otterpop12. Christofur
13. Winnie The Poodle13. Wanksta
14. Chue Man Foo14. Agador Spartacus
15. Doppler Effect15. Kitten Kaboodle
16. Tutu Blossom Petunia16. Chubby Checkers
17. Nacho Dog17. Squatter
18. Eight Days A Week18. Claude Chicken
19. Heart Of Gold Digger19. Eight Ball
20. Hank the Tank20. Poopie Boy
21. Super Awesome Dude21. High Jinks
22. Dinky Doodle Loose22. Inspector Gadget
23. Rainbow Brave Seeker23. Midnight Stalker
24. Lil Bella Puffnstuff24. Mister Little Jeans
25. Okey Dokey25. Pumpkin Head
26. Never Say Never26. Sassie Ruff Puff
27. Fortune Cookie27. Avon Purrsdale
28. Reese Buttercup28. Eskimo Pie
29. Rico Suave29. Flapjack
30. Buttercup Smoochie30. Que Ball
31. Casino Jack31. Dizzy Heart Cow
32. Prince Harry Houdini32. Sherman Fuzzy Wuzzy
33. Punky Brewster33. Bailey Irish Cream
34. Twisters Mojo34. Cowabunga
35. Ugly Betty35. Glamor & Grits
36. Night Panda36. Pepper Diablo
37. Voodoo Magic37. Wendy Wondercat
38. Reign Supreme38. Whiskey Tubby
39. Yankee Doodle Danny39. Jazzy Boo Boo
40. Yosemite Sam40. Dong Dong
41. Biggie Big Bucks41. Candy Cane
42. Doodles Sweet Hart42. Luckie Charm Bueno
43. Happy Butterscotch43. Pattycakes
44. Max The Moose44. Hop Along Cassidy
45. Robocop45. Rainbow Bright
46. Bobo Monster46. Razzle Dazzle
47. Dark Desert Dolly47. Winter Boots
48. Astro Boy48. October Sky
49. Baby Bam Bam Bono49. Sexy Lady
50. Daffy Duck50. Peek-A-Boo