Pierced cat to make ‘purrfect’ recovery

Talk about having nine lives: a 2-year-old stray cat in Houston, Texas, is expected to make a full recovery after being shot through the shoulder blades with an 18-inch arrow. The orange tabby, now called Cupid, evaded capture for approximately three days after he was first spotted.

After the cat was caught and taken to an animal hospital, doctors found that the arrow missed any important organs. All that was damaged was the left shoulder blade and muscle. Authorities are currently looking for a suspect and claim the assault isn’t an accident. This isn’t the first time a cat has miraculously survived such an attack: in 2009, a 4-year-old Indiana cat named Brownie was shot through the head with a 13-inch arrow that skimmed his skull (Brownie is also a tabby).

Following a stay at the veterinarian’s office, Cupid will be transferred to a foster home and then go up for adoption. Anyone interested in adopting Cupid should contact Purr Paws, or check out an application here.

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