A gray cat, similar to the one who was found shot with an arrow in Florida.
(Photo Credit: Yulia Shaihudinova | Getty Images)

Florida Cat Found Shot With Arrow

A cat in Florida has been found shot with an arrow, reports Fox-13 News. The 3-year-old gray feline was found in St. Petersburg last week by Cat Trap Fever Inc., an organization dedicated to rescuing feral cats, neutering/spaying them, and helping them find loving homes. Subsequently, they took the cat to a veterinarian.

Cat underwent surgeries after being shot with an arrow

The rescuers were shocked to find the arrow protruding from the feline’s body. According to police, the vet managed to remove the arrow from the cat’s body, but the feline is still not out of danger. He subsequently had to undergo another surgery and is currently “in serious condition.”

“Hopefully he makes it,” Jessica Kelly, who works with Cat Trap Fever Inc. said. “But we’re still guarded because the heartbreak is too much.” She further described the incident as “out of the ordinary.” Continuing, she shared, “Being hit by an arrow and being alive, going through surgery and now a feeding tube and being alive…”

“We’ve just got to give him the best chance because humanity has already let him down,” she said.

Kelly is currently taking care of the feline during his recovery period. She said if the cat manages to survive, he’ll be up for adoption. “He will be an indoor-only, forever kitty,” she added. “So he will never risk being on the other side of an arrow.”

Upon speaking with nearby residents, officials learned that the cat is widely popular among neighbors. The gray-colored feline with shorthair often used to wander around the neighborhood and is described as “super friendly” by the locals, who are heartbroken over the incident.

Authorities are currently looking to find the person responsible for committing the act. They’ve described the arrow as “a black Wicked Ridge arrow with yellow fletching and an orange nock.” Anyone who has more information regarding the suspect or the incident can reach out to Detective McKee at 727-582-5827.

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