Cats Fighting Or Playing?

Someone recently posted this video of two cats on Facebook saying how funny it was. For a cat lover, it’s not funny at all.

Cat aggression is one of the most common behavior problems. Aggression can lead to serious medical issues. A bite or scratch can get infected and painful and in rare circumstances can become “cat scratch fever.” This holds true for both humans and cats who come in contact with an aggressive cat. If you have an aggressive cat, it’s important to address this behavior immediately, before it becomes a bigger problem.

Aggressive cats can be dangerous to be around and aggressive cats are one of the many reasons it’s better to keep your pet cats indoors instead of letting them roam the neighborhood.

Learn to read the body language of any cat you come in contact with.

If the cat is growling and the fur is standing up on their back, you need to give the cat some space.

Do not tease a cat or play rough. It’s just not a good thing to teach your cat or get your cat in the habit of doing. So many people taunt or play rough with cats and then complain when the cat scratches them. This is one of the many reasons people give their cats up to shelters or turn them out on the street and many times the humans themselves have instigated the violent behavior to begin with.

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