Five Cat and Dog Videos for Friday

Kitten Loves Her “Mama” [VIDEO]

Adorable: A 4-week-old stray kitten is taken in by a family, and he immediately takes to the house’s dog Abby, a Saint Bernard with a heart of pure gold. A longer video, but make sure and stay tuned for when the kitten thinks its feeding time (the cat was bottle fed).

by CatTime
July 9th

Kitten Is Reluctant To Take A Bath

Video: A Savannah cat named Amara is having trouble with her offspring, Anolani; the kitten needs to take a bath, but refuses, so the mama cat must "force" the issue.

by CatTime
June 28th

Cat Tetherball [VIDEO]

Seems like a great idea to set this up if you have two cats. All you need is two boxes to attract the cats to either side of the tetherball.

by CatTime
April 17th, 2017

Cats Fighting Or Playing?

Aggressive cats can be dangerous to be around and aggressive cats are one of the many reasons it’s better to keep your pet cats indoors instead of letting them roam the neighborhood.

by CatTime
October 4th, 2016
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