Boston Cat Survives 19-Story Drop

A white cat named Sugar plunged from the 19th story of a Boston apartment complex and only suffered bruising to her lungs.

Sugar, the cat who fell 19 stories (more than 150 feet), only suffered bruised lungs when she landed. 2012

The cat jumped from her owner’s apartment after a window had been cracked open because it was a warm day. The cat then plunged an estimated 150 to 200 feet to the ground. Rescue personnel found the cat in a grassy area, understandably shaken, but with no cuts or broken bones.

According to Dr. Hugh Davis of the Animal Rescue League, studies show cats have a better chance of surviving falls if the distance is more than nine stories.

“Cats are able to relax and orient themselves so they are in a flying squirrel position with the legs spread out to slow their descent,” Davis says.

Brittany Kirk, Sugar’s owner, appears to have her own explanation as to why the cat survived: “It’s a miracle,” she says.